Artist Management
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Artist Bio

Lauren and Brooke DeLeary, known collectively as the faith-forward pop duo LOVECOLLIDE, have spent their young lives bucking trends, shattering expectations and defying norms–in essence, being anything but basic.

Having started a band together when they were just tweens, Brooke and Lauren have watched God take something that began as a sibling side project and turned it into a poignant ministry.

It’s been a solid run so far. But with the release of their first major, nationally distributed album, Tired of Basic (The Fuel Music), LOVECOLLIDE is formally making their introduction to the larger music world and is poised to vastly expand their sphere of influence.

With their 10 new dance-pop tracks, the DeLeary’s have crafted a soundtrack for the revolution–a revolution against boredom, mediocrity and status quo living. It’s a message that isn’t just for the band’s audience; it’s for the band, too.

“That’s the theme, that’s the mission–an extraordinary life,” Brooke said. “Living in a way where you can never be labeled, like Jesus. Starting revival by being the light, being different, showing who Jesus is through us.”

Sonically, Tired of Basic finds LOVECOLLIDE at their musical peak, experimenting with cutting edge pop sounds, courtesy of new producers Riley Friesen (Family Force 5, Group 1 Crew) and Matt Dally (Superchick, Jamie Grace).

Having emerged from a season filled with doubt, loss, depression and uncertainty, LOVECOLLIDE deploys earworm hooks to address feelings felt and lessons learned, such as being “awake” in Christ, God’s relentless pursuit of humanity, surrendering dreams to God, and trusting Him in the midst of uncertainty.

“We want our music to be an experience, not just something to listen to,” Lauren said. “We want the vibe, the style, the feels we give people and the love they receive to be something they remember, something that changes them.”

“We want to unite, love people, love each other, giving without expectation,” Brooke added. “With how we live our life, with our music, with everything–we want to slap people in the face with love!”