Artist Management

Victory Heights is a five piece band from Denver, Colorado. The band’s music weaves elegantly between rock and metal. Karl and Sam Bagnall founded the band on humble beginnings, and have since assembled a line up of like minded, and very capable musicians. The group strives to stay genuine and grounded in their passion for music and their love of the people that support them.

Through years of hard work and persistence, the band has found their niche and created something special. In a difficult industry where few survive for long, Victory Heights has fought tooth and nail to get ahead. So far independent, the band has toured throughout the United States, Canada and the UK. Their charm and unbounded charisma, coupled with an explosive live performance have rallied up a loyal following. People have praised the high energy and passion that the boys deliver at every single show, day in and day out.

From the first note all the way to the last ring out at the finale of their set, it is easy to see that the members of Victory Heights were born to be on stage. The band has been hard at work finishing up the full length record, “Nothing Is Beautiful” which they hope to release during the first half of 2017. The record really shows off vocalist Karl Bagnall’s vocal range and lyrical depth. Each song expresses thought provoking feelings and opinions in a hard hitting way. The band feels that this is by far the most mature and well written music that they have written to date.

Victory Heights plans to tour extensively on this record throughout 2017, reaching as many new ears as possible. Recently signing with FM Music Management, they are building a team behind them who believe in what they are doing and will continue to grow and achieve new heights. Victory Heights looks forward to a busy 2017 and to making noise all around the world with their new record.



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