Artist Management

Anthony Focx – mixing, mastering, producing, editing

High-end, professional audio services delivered by Anthony Focx, whether FOH live, in the studio or transmitted virtually.

Anthony Focx is experienced. His 25+ successful years in the music business prove that. If you’re still not sold, look at his list of Clients. Or, his over 300 plus album credits. Anthony has the musical background, technical skills, and proven expertise to get you the sound you want!

Anthony has a rare combination of broad experience as a producer, a musician and a technical expert. Experience you can trust – whether working in the studio or (FOH) live mixing, editing, mastering the final tracks or producing an entire project!

Major label quality professional results delivered by an experienced full time professional you can trust, at a reasonable price.

“When you hire me, you get personalized, one to one service. Having worked with a variety of clients – platinum recording artists to emerging artists – I appreciate everyone for their unique talent, sound and style. I don’t use the same templates, effects, and settings for every project. Rather, each mix is the result of carefully listening to the artist and their songs. I let the music dictate the choice of levels, processing, and effects. The goal is to convey the message and emotion of the song to the listener, without the mix drawing attention to itself.

I’ll work with you every step of the way! We’ll begin by preparing your project, then discussing the sound and special effects you want to hear.  I’ll fine tune the mix after your review, and all the way to the final masters. Together, we will ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. I want to exceed your expectations and win your repeat business.”

Anthony Focx is a dedicated professional who will partner with you to create your best work. Repeat business is an expectation, based on the artist’s result. A. Focx Productions takes the time to give your music the results it deserves!

Steven Tyler- (It) Feels So Good
Production Credits: Mixing, Mastering

Newsted – Soldierhead : Production Credits: Recording, Engineering, Digital Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

The Dead Daisies – Long Way To Go  (official video)
Production Credits: Mixing

Sick Puppies – Maybe
Production Credits: Mixing, Mastering

Beautiful Creatures – Deuce Delux
Production Credits: Mixing, Mastering